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Vision Care

Vision Care Optometrist

We provide comprehensive eye exams for your whole family including those interested in contact lenses.

Dr. Bohrman performs a complete work up on your eye health addressing ocular health issues ranging from glaucoma to macular degeneration. He checks for not only eye diseases, but general health as well. The eye is truly a window to your soul. It is not unusual for optometrists to find general health problems while examining your retina.

Comprehensive Adult Eye Exams

Adult patients over 40 will receive a glaucoma screening along with a diabetes check-up. One of the dangers of diabetes is the deterioration of your retina and as a result, your vision.

Glaucoma is the silent blinding disease with no patient perceived problems until it is in its advanced stages. If you have a family history of glaucoma, it is especially important to receive an annual screening.

Refraction for Visual Acuity

Of course, your visual acuity will be checked during the refraction portion of the eye examination. That is where we find out if you are myopic (near sighted), hyperopic (far sighted) or have astigmatism (irregular cornea shape).  Typically after 40, glasses are needed to provide a little magnification with smaller print.

Contact Lens Eye Exams

Let us know if you are interested in wearing contact lenses. New materials have made it much easier for the person with myopia or hyperopia to wear and care for their contacts. We often recommend trying contact lenses before considering Lasik for your myopia. For people with keratoconus (thinning of the cornea), contact lenses are a good way to improve your vision.

The contact lens examination involves the added steps to measure the curvature of your cornea.

Kids Pediatric Eye Exams

Children should have their first eye examination by an eye doctor  before they enter school. Certainly, if your child is struggling with their grades and having trouble reading or seeing the board, then let us check their vision. Sometimes children need vision training eye exercises to attain a balance in their eye coordination thus improving their reading. Dr. Bohrman helped one child improve their reading by providing the correct pair of eyeglasses.

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