Comprehensive Eye Exam


Comprehensive eye exams are available for your entire family. Dr. Bohrman performs a complete work up on your eye health and will address any ocular or general health issues. The eye truly is the window to your soul so it is not unusual for optometrists to find general health problems while examining your retina.


We recommend adult patients over 40 receive a glaucoma screening along with a diabetes check-up. Glaucoma is the silent blinding disease with no patient perceived problems until it is in its advanced stages. If you have a family history of glaucoma or diabetes, it is especially important to receive an annual screening. One of the dangers of both glaucoma and diabetes is the deterioration of your retina and as a result, your vision.


Children should have their first eye examination by an eye doctor before they start school. Sometimes children need vision training exercises to attain a balance in their eye coordination. If your child is struggling with their grades, having trouble reading or seeing the board, we suggest a vision check.


Your visual acuity will be checked during the refraction portion of the eye examination. That is where we find out if you are myopic (nearsighted), hyperopic (farsighted) or have astigmatism (irregular cornea shape).

Contact Lens Exam


The contact lens examination involves the added steps to measure the curvature of your cornea. We often recommend trying contact lenses before considering Lasik for your myopia. For people with keratoconus (thinning of the cornea), contact lenses are a great way to improve your vision. Let us know if you are interested in wearing contact lenses. New materials have made it much easier for everyone to wear and care for their contacts.

Other Services


•Treatment of eye disease/injury

•Pre and post-operative LASIK and cataract services

•Dry eye evaluation/Punctal Plugs

•Glaucoma Treatment