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You Want Proof?

Proof is a wood eyewear company that manufactures it’s sunglasses from sustainable wood sources. The wood medium adds a warmth and look that other materials can’t replicate. The silhouettes of Proof’s eyewear are classic shapes and styles that anyone can appreciate.

Sustainability is a key component in Proof’s DNA. They only use woods that are harvested in a sustainable manner and won’t adversely impact the environment. Proof strives to look for opportunities to reduce their impact on the environment whenever possible; their packaging is even eco-friendly.

Proof has made a commitment to support worthwhile causes every chance it gets. They’ve partnered with an eye clinic in India, where ¼ of the world’s blind population resides, that performs sight-giving surgeries for those who can’t afford it. Proof donates a portion of each sale to this cause.

Proof’s mission is simple: Look good. Do good.

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