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Personal Eyewear Service

We know you are busy like many of our clients. The typical optical center is all about you waiting. We are changing that dynamic with our personal Concierge Eyewear Service.

Shopping Online for Eyeglass Frames

We encourage you to look online for the styles of frames you want. Find a style you like. Then email us your choices including the brand name and style if possible. Along with the style, send us a selfie and some information like colors and how you will wear the frames: all-purpose glasses, reading only, driving, sunglasses, sports etc.

We Select Frames for You

Based on your selfie, we will choose a few frames that best fit your face, the style you want, and the purpose. In some cases, we will choose brands other than the ones you selected because we see something special for you. We should have several to choose from making your visit much more productive.

Make a Frame Selection Appointment

When you make your appointment for your eye exam, you’ll be able to make your frame selection. This way you don’t wait for the doctor and you are narrowing down your choice of frames. Once your exam is completed, you and Dr Bohrman will decide on the best lenses for your frames. At that point, we can quickly put your order together and set a delivery time.

No Extra Charge

There is no extra charge for this service. We want you to know that your time is valuable to us. So concierge service is what you always expect at Scenic City Eye Care.  Of course, you don’t have to do it this way. We just want you to know we respect your time.

Brand Name Eyewear

We carry many of the top eyewear lines including Tom Ford, Pro Design, Tory Burch, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Ray Bans, Silhouette, and Toms. Check back with us about our new lines and let us know if there is a frame line you like.