At Scenic City Eye Care, we like to do our best to support independent eyewear manufacturers and carry products at a variety of price points that focus on quality, craftsmanship, design aesthetic, and attention to detail. We like offering unique products that suit one’s personality as well as one’s lifestyle needs.  Independent lines have their own character, their own charm, and their own stories.


‘Simple done well’, SALT. is an acronym for SEA, AIR, LAND, TIMELESS and is inspired by nature – from the unique colors to the smooth design. Made with Japanese titanium and Japanese acetate to ensure comfort and lasting quality of the frame.

ProDesign Denmark 

Known for their innovative hinge design and sleek Danish design. Made in Japan – the mecca of craftsmanship for glasses


The representative of the pinnacle of titanium eyewear. Raw titanium in the front and beta-titanium on the temples to allow for more flexibility. This will assure these frames will last your lifetime looking the same in 10 years as they do today. Each frame is handcrafted by 3rd generation Japanese artisans in a process requiring over 100 steps.


Iconic minimalist eyewear handmade in Austria. Completely customizable and lightweight, yet durable.


Lives by their ONE FOR ONE principle which gives back to communities in need with every purchase, providing full eye exams by trained medical professionals. Each patient then receives the treatment he or she needs. TOMS supports treatments for three of the most common vision issues:

• Prescription Glasses

• Sight-Saving Surgery

• Medical Treatment

Whether you’re due to see the eye doctor or not, we invite you to stop in and take a look at our frame selection to see just how great independent eyewear can look and feel. If you do need a new pair, our optometrist can make suggestions based on your unique vision needs in order to help you get the best balance between a great look and superior functionality. Contact us today at 423-973-3610 to schedule an appointment.